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Rocker - Benchtop TubeRocker 2D


Stably rock microtubes, blood collection tubes and conicals in the incubator, refrigerator or cold room with the 2D Benchtop TubeRocker Mini.

Ideal for 1.5 to 50ml tubes in academic, clinical and biotech laboratories.

No more having to tape down tubes to a flat rocker and hoping the next day, the tubes are still attached! Introducing the simple yet unique 2D Benchtop Tube Rocker Mini functional at +4°C to +65°C. ORDER PRODUCT

The best value to a scientist is that no adaptors or hardware are necessary for the TubeRocker. With the fixed speed of 24rpm and tilt angle of 30°, the built in grooves allow you to multitask rocking various sized tubes simultaneously.

Simply place and Rock. Ideal pairing with Avant Microtubes and Tornado Tubes.


  • Microtubes:
    • Immunoprecipitation (IP) or CHIP-IP overnight bead-antibody incubations
  • Conical Tubes:
    • Antibody probing of blots in overnight incubations
    • Overnight mixing of prepared regents in incubator or cold room
  • Blood collection tubes:
    • Gentle rocking of collected samples to prevent coagulation
    • Patient sample agitation to avoid accumulation/precipitation