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Z-SC1 TwinCore Ultralow Freezers
with IKKII Control

The safest, most reliable, and efficient ULT freezer yet.

MIDSCI carries highly-efficient Z-SC1 ultralow temperature freezers with IKKII control, engineered for critical material storage in bio-repositories, medical research facilities, BSL4 labs, and hospitals.

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Z-SC1 TwinCore Ultralow Freezers with IKKII Control

Innovative Refrigeration Technology for Outstanding Sample Integrity

This series of ULT freezers was built for high value sample storage at temperatures as low as -96°C. Each unit operates with TwinCore© Technology, harnessing the power of two optimized auto-cascade compressors for consistent sample preservation. Unlike competitor systems from other leading brands, the TwinCore© feature within each Z-SC1 Ultralow Freezer provides researchers with a true system backup through two complete and separate refrigeration systems that will maintain a set point of up to -96°C around the clock. With the second cooling system acting as a backup, energy efficiency is guaranteed.

Z-SC1 TwinCore Ultralow Freezers also come with an easy-to-use IKKII control panel system and an LCD touch screen that displays the temperature and voltage booster status of the unit. The control panel is equipped with on-site audio alarms, visual alarms, and dry contacts that can be added to most telephone alarm systems.

Standard ultra-low freezers depend on a cascade refrigeration system that requires researchers to remove the samples within a few hours, in the event of a system failure. Additionally, LN₂ or CO₂ backups for these kinds of freezers are only able to sustain set temperatures for a maximum of seven hours, requiring routine re-filling, maintenance, and supervision. TwinCore ULT freezers, on the other hand, can be serviced on-site without compromising or removing precious samples and while maintaining temperatures up to -96°C at all times.

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AKB8517-PA AKB8517-PA IKKII ULT type DF8517K, -92C
17 cu.ft ,220V(208V~230V)
60Hz, freezer
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AKB8520-PA AKB8520-PA IKKII ULT type DF8520K, -92C
21.5 cu.ft ,220V(208V~230V)
60Hz, freezer
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AKB8524-PA AKB8524-PA IKKII ULT type DF8524K, -92C
26 cu.ft ,220V(208V~230V)
60Hz, freezer
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