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Z-SC1 -90°C ULT Tabletop/Undercounter

MIDSCI carries Z-SC1 -90°C ULT Tabletop and Undercounter freezers built for reliable long-term sample storage and secured sample integrity in DNA and/or RNA research.

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Tabletop ULT

  • Heated door sealing system to prevent ice build-up
  • Quiet fans for lowest noise level
  • Unique dual evaporator design with maximum wall contact for faster cool down
  • Patented lockable door with full length handle
  • Rounded interior corners for easy cleaning
  • Pressure equalization port for easy access after door closing
  • Automatic voltage compensator protects electrical components
  • Easy-to-clean condenser filter
  • 100% Natural refrigerant at low pressure

Powerful Freezers. Best Efficiency.

The Z-SC1 -90°C Ultra Low Temperature Tabletop and Undercounter freezer ensures a safe environment for your samples with its built in temperature alarm, power alarm, and standard dry contacts. It employs a unique cascade compressor system with CFC-free natural gas and also maintains one of the lowest power consumption requirements on the market, at only 2.1 amps. On top of that, this compact ULT freezer guarantees extremely low noise levels of less than 50 dBA, thanks to its WhisperFreeze Technology.

These features, combined with VIP Vacuum Insulation Technology, makes the Z-SC1 tabletop series the most energy efficient line of ultra-low freezers available on the market. Offering the lowest heat and CO2 rejection coupled with the fastest pull down & recovery, Z-SC1 freezers are 11% more energy efficient than leading brands.

Patented Perfect Sealing for Innovative Refrigeration

Perfect Fit® insulation system
Unlike traditional flat sealing doors, Z-SC1 uses an additional 70 mm extended part which fits perfectly as a seal inside the cabinet. Hot gas lines are then used to heat up the cabinet seal to prevent ice from forming.

Seal-1 System® sealing technology
The Seal-1 System® makes use of 3 separate gaskets to prevent ice build-up and ensure a tight door seal closure. It also includes insulated HDPE doors. This complete insulation system prevents any cool air from escaping and makes it very energy efficient.

Capacity 2 CuFt (54L) 3.5 CuFt (93L)
Dimension 18"x24"x30" (490x620x770mm) 28"x24"x30" (720x620x770mm)
Weight 79 Kg 99 Kg
Electrical 208-230V-60/50Hz -5A or 115V-60 -5A
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ADF8502-SA ADF8502-SA Benchtop -85 freezer, DF8502
1.9 cu ft, -40C to -86C
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ADF8502-SC ADF8502-SC Benchtop -85 freezer, DF8502
1.9 cu ft, -40C to -86C
115V (105V~120V), 60Hz
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ADF8503-SA ADF8503-SA Benchtop -85 freezer, DF8503
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220V (208V~230V), 60Hz
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ADF8503-SC ADF8503-SC Benchtop -85 freezer, DF8503
3.3 cu ft, -40C to -86C
115V (105V~120V), 60Hz
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