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Ultra Low Freezers


MIDSCI Ultra Low Freezers includes upright and chest style models from our ArcticTemp line and two options of chest style freezers from Arctiko.

ArcticTemp freezers (with a temperature range down to -85 ° C) are efficient & dependable freezers for all of your laboratory needs.

  • Energy saving low stage compressor
  • Automatic timer to restart unit after power failure
  • Front to back air flow to aid in cooling compressors
  • Extended compressor life

For labs where space is an issue, -83 ° C Ultra Low chest freezers from Arctiko, offer you a compact option for your ultra low storage needs. Specifications for the freezers include:

  • World patented single compressor system
  • Compact footprint
  • Low-energy consumption
  • Lowest noise level on the market

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