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Bioreator with Septum

TPP Bioreactor with Septum

offers even gas exchange and nutrient dispersal with the convenience of a reclose-able septum. The TPP bioreactor with septum is designed and built for automation.

Biomek Tips

Biomek Robotic Tips

Compatible with Beckman Biomek FX and Beckman Multimek instruments with an AP96 head, Span-8 pod when Liquid Level Sensing function is turned OFF.

Benchtop Pipettor

BenchTop Pipettors

2 sizes available: 20ul and 250ul. Semi-automated liquid pipettor for 96/384 well plates promises to not only be highly precise, accurate and convenient, but also portable and easy to use.

Freedon Rocker

Freedom Rocker

Unattended dispensing and aspiration of liquids to 1 or 2 trays and only requires an electrical outlet - no vacuum, pressurized air or gas, or additional pumps required.


Reagent Reservoirs

From Green to Bio-degradeable Resevoirs