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Bacterioscan 216R for bacterial quantification

Bacterioscan 216R quantifies bacterial growth with 94.4% sensitivity and a 99.5% NPV versus single plating of E.coli in LB, requiring a lower sample size, less manipulation, less monitoring, and less physical space.

The Bacterioscan 216R can detect 1 x 104 bacteria, a concentration lower than the sensitivity limits of optical density methods currently. It is the only instrument on the market that can rapidly detect and quantify bacteria in fluid with onboard incubation and no need for reagents. It uses patented laser-scattering technology and is designed for intuitive ease of operation, durability, and stability.

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  • Real-time detection and quantification of bacteria
    • Dynamic range of detection between 104 - 109 CFU/mL
    • Measurements expressed as CFU/mL
    • Data displayed as growth curves
  • Single-sample management with customized reporting and analysis
  • Intuitive controls and operation with touch-screen-enhanced interface
  • The ability to calibrate for specific bacteria in specific growth media
  • Onboard incubation ranging from room temperature to 40°C
  • A range of measurement intervals over an indefinite period of time

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