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Qsep 400 Bio-Fragment Analyzer

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Qsep400 has been designed for the larger research and clinical laboratories, who have large sample volumes. The high-throughput system provides high-speed analysis, superior results for all kinds of molecular genetic analysis applications. has the highest throughput in the Qsep family. The 4-channel instrument is designed as a 4-capillaries gel electrophoresis (CGE) system, integrated with a high sensitivity LED-induced fluorescence (LEDIF) detector with an easily-replaceable 4-channel gel-cartridge and 96-well auto-sampler, which can analyze / detect four samples at the same time.

Qsep400 with variety of replaceable gel-cartridge kit is specifically designed for DNA, RNA and Protein analysis providing reproducible and accurate test results in matter of seconds.

Qsep400 comes with Q-Analyzer™ software which has a simple-to-use User Interface (UI) that delivers consistent and high-precision data analysis and data export functions helping users in their daily molecular biolog


Qsep400 System Highlights:

  • Automated Sample Handling: Automated process for 1-96-well capacity
  • Flexibility: 1- 96 samples/run
  • Disposable Gel-Cartridge: No need for gel preparation. RFID tagged for up to 100-300 runs
  • Fast Analysis: 2-7 minutes for 4 runs
  • Detection Sensitivity: Detects as low as 0.1 ng/l
  • Resolution: Up to  1-4 bp DNA fragments (between 100-500bp)
  • Data View: Electropherogram and gel-view format
  • Software: Digital data for qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Compact Design: Fits on most lab benches
  • Competitive Cost for System and Consumables.
  • Versatile can be used for DNA, RNA and Protein.

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    Qsep 400 Bio-Fragment Analyzer
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