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FastPette V2 Pipette Controller

  • Works with pipettes from 1 ml to 100 ml
  • High aspiration speed - 25 ml in 4 seconds
  • Cordless work for up to 8 continuous hours
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 3 year warranty

This revolutionary battery powered pipette controller works with glass and plastic pipettes in the 1 to 100 ml range. The FastPette was designed with the user in mind. It has a lightweight handle with smooth push-buttons and ergonomically located switches.

The aspiration speed can be set to high or low to adjust for the Vol of the pipette and viscosity of the liquid. The suction can also be adjusted by the amount of pressure applied to the trigger button. Dispensing can be carried out by gravity or supported by the pump, which empties the pipette with a blow out step.

The FastPette is protected from the entrance of liquids by both a PTFE filter and a safety valve. To protect samples from cross contamination, both the filter and pipette holder are easily exchanged and autoclaved.

When fully charged, the FastPette can be used continuously for eight hours. When the low battery light is lit, the unit should be recharged. Should the charge run out while working with the pipette, simply attach the power supply and continue to use. The battery is protected against over charging by timing and thermal systems. The FastPette is supplied with the power supply/charger and PTFE filter.

Product Specifications
Weight 215g
Battery life 8 hours when fully charged
Battery charging time 11 to 14 hours to fully charge
Autoclavability Nosepiece, pipette holder and filter
Filter Hydrophobic PTFE 0.1 µm
Pipette types Glass or plastic, 1 to 100 ml


FastPette V2
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P2021 Silicone Pipette Holder N/A
P2023 PTFE autoclavable filter, 0.2uM N/A
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FastPette V2 Pipette Controller
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