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Multi-Channel Pipettor - Biopette Plus


BioPette™ Plus Multichannel Pipettor product line are highly recommended by scientists worldwide for its ease of use, volume lock mechanisms and autoclavable capabilities. Ideal for all standard 96 well formats, the BioPette™ Plus Multichannel Pipettes stand up to the wear and tear of constant use while maintaining excellent accuracy and reproducibility.

The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in either the right or left hand and has a slightly recessed volume adjustment wheel with volume lock to prevent accidental change. The BioPette™ Plus Multichannel pipettes offer reduced pipetting forces. The manifold rotates 360 degree for comfortable pipetting in any direction. An individual piston suspension system allows even sealing of tips across all channels without rocking the pipette. The curved ejector design pushes the tips off in steps, thus requiring minimal force to operate. Collectively, these every day benefits make the BioPette™ Plus Multichannel Pipettor a customer favorite.


The BioPette™ Plus multichannel pipettor, featuring 2 options: 8- and 12- channel and 4 models from 1-300µl, guarantees you accuracy and precision for a lifetime of pipetting:

  • Accuracy and Precision
    • Each channel in 8/12 multichannel pipettor is individually tested and supplied with certificate of quality
    • Individual spring loaded cones enables each channel to function independently and accurately
    • Curved ejector bar ensures universal tip compatibility
  • Q-Drive™ dynamic balancing system
    • No more travelling
  • Ergonomic
    • 360 degree rotating manifold promotes easy aspiration from reservoir and easy dispension into well plate
    • Redesigned spring system promotes low pipetting and ejection forces
    • Large volume display enables easy and accurate volume setting
    • Contoured shape and finger hook ensure easy handling
  • Maintenance and Warranty
    • Fully autoclavable for sterility, with no disassembly required
    • UV resistance enables storage in tissue culture hoods
    • 3 warranty guaranteed

MIDSCI brings you the best in liquid handling with the primary goal to save your lab time and money and accelerate the consistency of your life science experiments and the reproducibility of your data generation and publication. Call us for a quote today.

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