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Improved Microscopy with TPP

MIDSCI carries a range of superior quality TPP Cell and Tissue Culture products for advanced microscopy processes and research. Created using best class materials, TPP multi-well plates, culture flasks, and culture dishes guarantee crystal clear clarity. MIDSCI’s in stock TPP products not only provide high optical quality, but also improve cell growth and propagation, yielding reliable experimental results for various research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.

Image FX Research Microscopes

  • Obtain publication quality images without having to transfer to a slide
  • Superior optical clarity for excellent microscopy images
  • Flat growth surface means cells won’t clump or grow in a ring and better focus is obtained

TPP Multi-well Plates

Browse first-rate multi-well plates for consistent cell plating and propagation,
easy identification, ergonomic handling and labeling, and more.

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TPP Dishes

Get certified DNAse/RNAse, pyrogen-free tissue culture dishes featuring extremely
secure stacking, outstanding flatness for uniform cell growth, and double marking areas for easy labeling.

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TPP Flasks

Shop premium grade tissue culture flasks designed and manufactured to promote
cell growth and adhesion, prevent condensation build-up, and reduce the risk of
media slop over.

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