Cooling of Agarose Mixtures,

The ChillDown rapidly cools agarose mixtures and other solutions.

QUICK-Chill molten agarose down to 60° C in minutes

IMPROVE RESULTS-Rapid cooling of agarose prevents an early polymerized layer on top of the solution, which interferes with results

VERSATILE-Use ChillDown whenever cooling of solutions is desirable

UNIVERSAL-Fits any 250mL beaker

EASY-TO-USE- Simply leave your ChillDown in the freezer overnight and it will be ready when needed

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  • Large size: 17.25 x 13.50 x 4.96 inches
  • Choice of blue, green, or pink
  • NO SWEAT - Thick pan walls will not sweat or leave puddles of condensation on the benchtop
  • DURABLE - Made of triple density expanded polystyrene creating a durable container that is virtually unbreakable 
  • SUPER INSULATING - Preserves ice up to 30% longer than conventional ice pans
  • STACKABLE - Designed with an inner edge enabling the pans to stack on top of one another for easy storage and to maximize bench-top space
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Extremely lightweight (1.1oz, 4.7oz. and 11.4oz) and easy to handle. Feature a molded lip around the edge for carefree moving/carrying
  • CHEMICALLY RESISTANT - Resistant to mild chemicals as well as ice-alcohol slurry, dry ice and liquid nitrogen

Rigid single mold polyurethane provides durability for chilling your temperature sensitive samples. Excellent insulation properties for ultra cold--use with ice, ice-salt slurries, and more. Minimize evaporation loss with snug fit lid. Easily remove with comfortable recessed knobs. Keyed lid and base fit together to conveniently store lid under base. Use handy pour spout with melted ice, water, and solutions. Ergonomic handles safely transport bucket or pan from work area to sink. Deep internal cavity has enough room to add one of your Heathrow racks. Tapered sides make stacking and storage compact.

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