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June 14, 2010
Contact: Larry Degenhart
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TPP has developed a solution to every biopharmaceutical company’s need to increase yields of recombinant proteins at a fast and economical rate. The TPP Bioreactor Tube is ideal for high throughput screening of cells and media optimization for suspension cell systems. Media optimization is an expensive process due to the cost of supplies and increased man-hours during repeat experiments. The TPP Bioreactor Tube has been designed to allow parallel experiments, therefore eliminating repeats.

The TPP Bioreactor Tube resembles a standard 50ml conical tube (600ml bottle coming soon!) with a cap that allows optimal gas exchange of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and humidity. The cap contains five holes of different size and a 0.22um PTFE membrane filter. Researchers have the opportunity to regulate gas exchange rates by concealing varying combinations of the cap holes. Determining optimal gas exchange rates during media optimization is where research laboratories waste excess amounts of time, and therefore money.

Money savings with the TPP Bioreactor Tube come with the time saved from growing cells in parallel in multiple tubes with varying exchange rates. The gas porous filter of the TPP Bioreactor Tube guarantees oxygen supply even at high tissue densities. The hydrophobic membrane maintains sterility and minimizes evaporation of media. Also, all tubes are manufactured to be certified nuclease, nucleic acid, and pyrogen-free. All of these features have been quality assured by TPP Quality Control measures.

The protocol is simple and after fine-tuning of process conditions is complete, researchers can expect maximum cell growth and recombinant protein yields. Better yet, since multiple mammalian cell lines are used for recombinant protein growth, quick optimization of future cell lines is quick and easy. Cost savings for one area of research can open doors for other profitable opportunities. The TPP Bioreactor Tube cuts costs by guaranteeing efficient gas exchange, minimal media consumption (10-30ml/tube), and quick, parallel experiments to be performed. Also, being completely disposable, they perfectly fill the gap between multiwall plates for initial screening of clones and instrumented laboratory-scale bioreactors for final fine-tuning of process conditions. For more information on TPP Bioreactor Tubes, visit

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