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New Reagent Reservoir


New “Green” Reagent Reservoirs from MIDSCI incorporate several innovative design features that reduce plastic waste, save storage space, and enhance performance. This reagent reservoir system consists of disposable, clear polystyrene inserts that fit within a rigid base. Because the skirt on the inserts has been eliminated, this significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste that is experienced when using standard one-piece reagent reservoirs.   Green Reagent Reservoirs


  • Innovative design reduces plastic waste and saves space
  • Saves 75% in storage space
  • Easy-to-see, bold, black volume graduations eliminate costly overpours
  • Pour-spout corners provide easy, spill-free pouring
  • Unique trough within a trough design for complete sample retrieval
  • 2nd reservoir can act as a lid to prevent evaporation and contamination