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New Fourth Generation Alphapette Pipettors


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January 27, 2010

MIDSCI Introduces the New Fourth Generation Alphapette Pipettors with Enhanced Ergonomics

Alphapettes are precision pipettes designed for accuracy and comfort. Lightweight and well balanced, they fit comfortably in the right or left hand. An ergonomically positioned tip ejector reduces finger fatigue during prolonged use. It also includes a large digital volume display visible to the user.

nr alphapette 

Using innovative engineering, a chemically resistant, maintenance-free seal and finely polished piston guarantees accuracy, sample after sample. The adjustable, digital micrometer is slightly recessed to prevent unintentional volume change. It is also protected from the effects of thermal expansion by the insulated body of the pipette. For convenience, volume can also be adjusted by turning the push-button.

The Alphapettes have a universal shaft that will fit universally accepting pipette tips. The tip ejector is adjustable to accommodate various styles of tips and is removable for pipetting into narrow tubes. Made from stainless steel, it will not rust, corrode or break. The alphapettes are fully autoclavable.

In addition, the Alphapettes Pipettors have a Life Time Warranty!
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