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NEW Forensic Micro-Spin Filter



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April 3, 2008

MIDSCI announces the NEW Forensic Micro-Spin Filter

The Forensic Micro-Spin Filter is a useful device for the extraction of DNA from crime scene samples. The device has an 800µl capacity filter unit, and a 2ml graduated micro centrifuge tube with an attached cap.

The filter unit has an integral perforated bottom that acts like a strainer and allows fluids to pass but retains small cloth samples in the filter unit. A cloth sample from the crime scene or other interests is cut into small pieces and inserted in the filter unit. Appropriate solvents or buffers are added to the cloth sample in the filter unit that will permit extraction of DNA. The filter unit is then placed into the 2ml micro centrifuge receiver tube, and the entire assembly is centrifuged in a microcentrifuge as indicated in the DNA extraction protocol being used by the forensic laboratories. 


Following centrifugation, the filter unit is removed from the filtrate receiver tube, and the cellular debris in the bottom of the tube can be DNA fingerprinted by the forensic technician. The receiver tube can be capped to protect the sample for storage or freezing. Forensic Micro-Spin Filter units are manufactured and handled to specifically prevent DNA or RNA contamination of the device prior to use. 

Maximum centrifugal force is 20,000 x g. Non-Sterile.Includes Filter Unit & 2.0ml Receiver Tube


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