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NanoPhotometer™ Pearl


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August 5, 2011



MIDSCI introduces Nano Volume UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Technology (Not all Nano Volume UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Technologies are the same, in fact some may look similar, but they are not the SAME)

The Nanophotometer™ Pearl UV/VIS spectrophotometer for ultra-low volume (0.3µl) and standard cuvette applications guarantees the highest accuracy in spectrophotometric measurements of nucleic acids and proteins and its Fast!The maintenance free and standalone features permit flexible data output options, bringing portability, convenience, and speed. Applications are limitless with full scanning (200-950nm), superior sample stability, and programmable methods to suit your needs. Accuracy and reproducibility of concentration measurements are enabled by automatic virtual sample dilutions with the lid factors (5, 10, 50, 100 and 250) and built in sealed optics without moving parts automatically results in zero recalibration costs over the life of the instrument, thus proving to be a reliable and precise UV/Vis spectrophotometer for your ultra-low volume measurement needs.  pearl std 

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