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Techne Prime Elite Series Gradient Thermal Cyclers

Techne Prime Elite Series Gradient Thermal Cyclers

Prime Elite Thermal Cyclers
Prime Elite is the new high-performance networkable thermal cycler, equipped as standard with all the latest features including large colour touchscreen, fast ramping, innovative front-loading PCR plate drawer, automatic non-motorized heated lid, TERS thermal energy recovery system and a unique space-saving, stackable design. Prime Elite and Prime Elite Satellites can be combined to form a two, three or four block instrument with Satellites controllable from the Prime Elite or a PC. Gradient blocks and 4 year warranty are included as standard.


Clever Communications

The Prime Elite thermal cycler connects to 3 satellites via rear-facing USB ports. Alternatively, Prime Elite Satellites can be controlled by PC. Cables and software are provided as standard. Prime Elite also contains a front-facing USB port which allows easy program transfer between instruments or PC. At least 1000 programs can be stored on each Prime Elite with unlimited storage on USB sticks, ideal for multi-user laboratories. The Prime Elite USB ports also allow free software updates, which are available to download from this Techne website.

Key Features

  • Latest 5.7 inch colour touchscreen provides optimal brightness and clarity.
  • Intuitive software allows fast and simple program setup.
  • Three block options are available 96x0.2ml, 60x0.5ml and 384-well (all with gradient).
  • Fast 5°C/sec ramp rate.
  • TERS Thermal Energy Recovery System saves energy by utilising heat produced in cooling phase.
  • A mechanically operated heated lid automatically provides an even 75 newton force to stop sample evaporation.
  • Prime Elite is a low noise, high speed, high-throughput, networkable system.
  • Double, triple and quad block systems are created by adding Satellites in a space-saving, stackable design.
  • A 4-block Prime Elite requires only 56cm of bench space.
  • Front-facing USB port facilitates easy program transfer and software updates.
  • Rear-facing USB connectivity allows simple networking of instruments.
  • A powerful processor drives seamless software performance and fast startup.
  • On-board gradient calculator and Tm calculator.
  • Advanced electrical power filter improves robustness by smoothing electricity fluctuations.
  • 4 year warranty.
Technical Specifications

Sample capacity: 0.2ml


Sample capacity: 0.5ml


Sample capacity: 384-well


Block temperature range

4°C to 100°C

Block uniformity at 50°C

± 0.3°C

Temperature accuracy at 50°C

± 0.2°C

Gradient range

10°C to 100°C

Maximum gradient


Minimum gradient


Pre-run sample cooling

Yes at 4°C

Maximum heating rate

5.0°C per second

Maximum cooling rate

3.0°C per second

Adjustable heated lid temperature

35 to 115°C or off

Over-temperature cut-out


Regulated heated lid pressure


Program interface

5.7 inch touchscreen

Maximum number of programs stored


Maximum hold time

99h 59m 59s

Gradient calculator


Incremental decremental temperature


Incremental decremental time


Password protection


Auto re-start on power failure

Yes, 10m, 30m, 1h, always

Connection to PC control software


Tm primer calculator


Dimensions (L x W x H)

375 x 276 x 312mm




100-230V 50-60Hz




Product CodeDescription

Prime Elite thermal cycler 96 x 0.2ml

Prime Elite thermal cycler 60 x 0.5ml

Prime Elite thermal cycler 384-well

Prime Elite satellite 96 x 0.2ml

Prime Elite satellite 60 x 0.5ml

Prime Elite satellite 384-well

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